Body Sugaring Charleston - Welcome


113 Wappoo Creek Drive, Suite #2
Charleston, SC 29412

Sugaring is the longest lasting, gentlest, most effective, non-surgical hair removal technique ever invented and ironically the least known option available! It's an ancient Egyptian hair removal technique, that removes hair without removing skin. I have 12 years experience.

Sugaring is your best bet. If you can't get through sugaring, then you will just have to get accustomed to being a hairy person. I can help get you through the experience.

I prefer you book your appointment on-line or by text, as I keep a busy schedule and it's best for you to reserve your appointment electronically, because I may not always have free hands or my schedule immediately accessible, when I answer your call. You can always send a text for me to call you as soon as I get a chance.

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