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About Sugaring

It's been around, FOREVER! For some reason, our western culture prefers to use wax, instead. Sugaring is an ancient, specialized technique to remove hair from most body parts of sensitive skin without tearing the skin. Sugaring is more sanitary than traditional waxing, because there is no option for a "double dip" when you are using the hand sugaring technique. Sugaring technique requires special training and ability and plenty of practice.

Sugaring is the longest lasting, gentlest, most effective, non-surgical hair removal technique ever invented and ironically the least known option available! It's an ancient Egyptian hair removal technique, that removes hair without removing skin. I have been Sugaring Charleston since 2011. I can sugar whatever you need, ....

I am an expert in the hand sugaring technique. I make all of my sugar paste from scratch. Sugar, Water & Lemon Juice are the only ingredients, but they are delicately balanced and cooked to a specific temperature to become the "sugar paste" that I use to remove your unwanted hair.

The "sugar ball" that I pull from my jar, is the only amount of sugar paste I would use for your entire service. The paste has a thick caramel consistency, but it retains its shape and stickiness to allow it to be "molded" to your skin, and then quickly removed without loosing any effectiveness. This process of "Sugaring" is far more sanitary than most waxing salon practices.

I use a gloved hand to remove the sugaring product from a jar, then I "mold" and remove the sugar paste from your body. Even very sensitive skin can be sugared by an experienced sugarist.

The sugar paste will remove your hair and dead skin cells when the mold is pulled from your skin, but it will not remove live skin cells, like waxing will. It might still hurt because the root of your hair is being removed, but there isn't the additional risk of causing injury to layers of live skin cells. You should not bleed from hair removal. Waxing can cause that, but sugaring will not.

You should  exfoliate  the day before your sugaring appointment, to  make sure you get the best results.  Don't wear makeup or moisturizer to your sugaring appointment, if possible. You should try not sweat or get gross for the first hours, after your appointment, if possible. If you do, just try to shower up and get out of gross clothes. Don't hang out in dirty workout gear or bathing suits all the time... its bacteria city...

Your skin should not require downtime, to heal, like you would, post waxing session. Sugar paste is water soluble and can be gently wiped off. I suggest exfoliation with exfoliating bath gloves, that you can find in most drug stores and moisturizing with unrefined coconut oil between sugaring sessions. Most routine clients come every 4-6 weeks.

The first appointment is the worst. Sorry. It just is. Your nerves are on high and I am "clearing the forest". I don't like to inflict pain, but. you have to do the hard work in the beginning. You can always "work towards your goal" over the course of a few appointments, if it's too intense for you. Fortunately, the actual pain of sugaring last for a split second.Your skin wont continue to sting or burn in the area. You are fine by the time you are checking out. It sucks, but it's awesome, too, and I would say 98% of my new clients make it through their appointment without backing out. :)  (Ask any person that gets sugared, properly.) They keep coming back for more.


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