Body Sugaring Charleston - Summer's Bio. & Experience

I know it's a bit nerve wracking to sign up for Body Sugaring services if you have never experienced anything like this before!

(BREATHE- you can do this!!)

Many hair removal services require you to be very comfortable exposing yourself to me, your Esthetician, almost immediately and I realize the massive amount of anxiety that could come along with signing up for the unknown. So, here's a little information about me, my background, and possibly more information than  necessary :)

I am available to answer any questions you have, and we'll work together to assure that your Body Sugaring, hair removal, is as pleasant as possible.

My name is Summer Jones Garrett

and I started Body Sugaring Charleston in March of 2012 after working as a licensed Esthetician in Colorado and South Carolina since 2006.  

An Esthetician is a skin care therapist who's job is to help  their clients skin care and beauty concerns with products and techniques that are customized to the individual. Hair removal is a portion of that process. Sugaring is an advanced technique that is not taught in most esthetic curriculum, but absolutely should be! Sugaring removes all hair types without traumatizing the skin like traditional waxing does.

I Sugar. I do not wax.

I am a Sugarist (among other things)

Sugaring paste is made of sugar, lemon juice and water and can be easily removed with warm water.

I perform the specialized hand sugaring technique that was invented in ancient Egypt. 

I became interested in skin care after I started making natural bath and body care products as a hobby/small business, in 2004, that I named
Blue Body Solutions.

I sold those bath products in a small store front in Frisco, Colorado and at local farmers markets throughout Colorado. I made sugar scrubs, bath bombs, lotions, creams, perfume solids, lip tints, bath "tea" blends, hair conditioners, massage oils, and even potpourri ?!

I was interested in making the bath products, because another skill of mine is cooking. I felt like I understood the bath ingredients, herbs, oils, etc. and how they worked together; what natural benefits certain ingredients would yield; how to blend them to create usable products that could enhance our lives and that were free of toxic chemicals.

I still enjoy researching random,  potent natural ingredients and have recently developed an all natural way to treat ingrown hairs, infected follicles, and other cutaneous conditions. Currently, I only manufacture my sugar paste and a skin decongestant toner,  called A.R.P.Y.. Just ask and  I'll tell you more. It's my top secret-ingredients miracle potion :)

I  graduated with honors from the College of Charleston in 1999 with a degree in Arts Management. I had grand plans to plan music festivals, but then I got sidetracked and spent 10 years in Colorado "doing festival field study" and never got back around to a career in Arts Management. (Maybe one day, it's never too late.) I returned to SC briefly in 2006 and earned my Esthetic's license in Charleston, at the Academy of Cosmetology. I have been sugaring for 9 years now. I enjoy live music, good people, traveling, being creative, and soaking up knowledge of all sorts.

I moved to Breckenridge, CO after college in 1999 and lived there for right at 10 years and for one ski season in Jackson Hole, Wyoming while on my stint out west. In Colorado,  I was House Manager and Personal Chef for a HUGE private luxury ranch,  where I coordinated schedules for five houses totaling 40,000 sqft on 500 acres, that a very lovely family entertains friends and family from around the world on! I was 22 when they hired me, and it took awhile for some people to comprehend that I was in charge of it all. It was such a great experience that challenged me and allowed me to grow. (Colorado is a great place to spend your twenties!)

In May, 2010, I moved back to SC for good and to Charleston in May 2011. I am originally from Florence, SC but Charleston is home for me in South Carolina. Who doesn't have a special place in their heart for Charleston? I sure do! Glad to be home!

Excited to offer Body Sugaring Charleston & A.R.P.Y. to those who need it.

How can I do what I do? Isn't it a strange career?

Absolutely not... It takes all kinds to make the world go 'round, and fortunately for y'all, I am not bothered by what I do. I've been doing it everyday for years , I am good at what I do and it's more about the person than it is about the process.

The goal is to improve your self image and equip you with relevant information that will benefit your skin and appearance (naturally).

(Let it be known, I would never want to  be your nurse, draw blood,
or clean up after you in a hospital environment!
I would quickly fall out,... but body sugaring doesn't phase me one bit..?)

I meet and have the coolest conversations with the largest variety of people everyday. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of skincare and providing sugaring services to anyone plagued by excess hair.

Locally, I worked at Spa Adagio (in 2006) and at Sweet 185, from April 2011 until February of 2012. I have been  Body Sugaring Charleston, solo, for the past 3 years, as of now, and I am happy to say business is booming!

I have a ton of random knowledge pertinent to skin care, body sugaring, and natural bath and body products (and life, love, children, relationships.. you name it) I am constantly researching ingredients and alternative therapies that I will readily share with you during your appointment.

I want us all to be as healthy and as positive as we can be and sometimes/ most always it takes encouragement and surrounding yourself with good people.
I enjoy the relationships I am making everyday, and am thankful for what I have.

I will post random links on this webpage to articles or information that I think everyone could benefit from. I look forward to meeting you!

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